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Derived from the definition of fahrenheit, each of the four members represents a season or temperature that corresponds with their different personalities. Calvin Chen represents spring, warm; Jiro Wang represents summer, hot; Wu Zun represents autumn, cool, and lastly, Aaron Yan represents winter, cold. Each of the four members also has his respective temperature represented on the Fahrenheit scale: Calvin Chen is at 77 degrees, Jiro Wang is at 95 degrees, Wu Zun is at 59 degrees, and Aaron Yan is at 41 degrees.

Wu Zun was born and raised in Brunei for most of his life, later graduating with distinction at RMIT, in Melbourne, Australia. He was introduced to the entertainment industry during a trip to Taiwan. A television producer (Ella Chen‘s second sister’s boyfriend) discovered him during this trip, and recommended him to play the lead male role of Tokyo Juliet, which Wu accepted.

Aaron Yan moved to New York, USA at a young age but later returned to Taiwan for high school and college, currently attending Chinese Culture University. Around early 2005, Comic producers had been searching for elite bloggers around the web. They discovered Yan, who, at that time, was really popular online, and thus recommended him to go casting for a role in a drama. Yan thought it was a fraud at first, but after several tests, he realized that it was true.

After Calvin Chen graduated high school in Taiwan, he further pursued his college education in Canada, where he completed his masters degree in Economics at University of Victoria. He then further continued his life in Canada by joining a pageant-like competition (Sunshine Boyz) in Vancouver,[2] where he won first place with a free ticket to Taiwan and a contract with a music company, as well as a role in the drama, where he did a cameo in It Started With A Kiss along with Wu Chun, who was invited by Ariel Lin, because they already knew each other from Tokyo Juliet.

Jiro Wang graduated in Taiwan’s Fu-Shin College. He was first asked to join the entertainment business because of his good looks and singing talent that he showed at a singing competition. Because of company difficulties, he failed to release an album, so therefore decided to continue his career in the industry by working backstage, mainly in charge of fashion designing and other designing necessities, as well as commercial modeling. BMG, the label that signed him, planned to package him with Jay Chou and Jordan Chan to form a boyband called 3J, but because of 9/11, BMG’s stocks crashed and the 3J plan was scrapped. He was approached again around 2004, when his acting career began.

Although unstable at first, Fahrenheit first gained minor recognition around late 2005 when their first all together series, KO One, was broadcasted on television in Taiwan. Because it felt awkward to have only three members in a boyband, Wu Zun joined the group later in late 2005. On December 28, 2005, Fahrenheit officially became a vocal quartet boy band.


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Pada saat liburan saya tidak pergi ke mana-mana. Saya selama liburan menjaga toko. Saat menjaga toko ada perasaan yang menyenangkan, menyedihkan, dan jenuh.

Menyenangkan karena isa liburan panjang setelah banyak belajar di sekolah. Menyedihkan karena kakek saya masuk ke rumah sakit. Merasa jenuh karena saya tidak pergi keluar kota.

Lebih bosen karena tidak mempunyai pacar. Ro sebel sama cowo yang tidak tanggung jawab, banyak nuntut, tidak tepat waktu kalau ada janji, pemarah, dan banyak lagi deh. ^_^

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